McPhee Water Database

The earliest data is from Tuesday, March 20th, 1984
The most recent data is from Thursday, March 30th, 2023

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Measurements are taken at 11:59 pm of the date listed
Temperature data is from Wahweap, AZ
Water temperature data is from*
CHANGE represents water elevation change from previous day

Units used in each measurement:
Elevation - Feet above sea level
Change - Feet difference over previous measurement
Content - Acre Feet
Inflow - Average Cubic Feet / Second over entire 24 hour period
Outflow - Average Cubic Feet / Second over entire 24 hour period
All Temps - Degrees Farhenheit
The Water Year runs from October 1 to September 30 of the next year
Acre Feet = 1 * Flow CFS
TP = Total Precipitation

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Water data courtesy of US Bureau of Reclamation
*Air temp data is sourced from (Prev 24 Hr Extremes):    Lewis, CO Weather
Weather forecast for Lewis, CO
All data is provisional and subject to review and modification
USBR Source Data

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McPhee Water Database
McPhee Reservoir, Dolores River, Telluride, SW Colorado